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Opening a New Era of Crypto finance

Launch of ABLE MVP(Minimum Viable Product) on Ethereum Test network

P2P Loan Matching Engine

Blockchain and Smart-Contract technology enable Peer-to-Peer Loan service without any intermediaries. ABLE Dollar plays a role of a lending fee which is determined by market demand and supply. ABLE loan matching engine will resolve traditional problem in banking industry by removing interest spread and risk of centralization in current crypto finance.

Decentralized Exchange

All financial activities will be based on ABLE account system, ultimately aiming a decentralized blockchain financial
platform. By directly connecting investors and borrowers peer-to-peer, market participants will interact without
intermediaries, leading to the development of a crypto market and financial experience through free trading,
sharing its value. Mutual fund designed by financial and technology expert will be available ABLE DEX.

Easy Transfer

Convenient Account System will take the lead in the popularization of crypto assets,
eliminating the inconvenience of using existing 30 to 60 character addresses.

Salary Payment

Currently, there are only few credit-loan services in the cryptocurrency space,
because salary payment in cryptocurrency has received little consideration.
However, as more salary payments are made in cryptocurrency, credit lending
based on cryptocurrency also becomes possible. Salaries can be paid based on
project progress or hours of work. Credit lending can be serviced based on
cumulative salary-payment data and various personal information in the future.